Are You Ready To Grow?

Growing A New Breed of Creatives; Positively Changing the Status Quo.


Goziam is passionate about driving change through leadership within the industry and as a John Maxwell certified leadership coach, uses his coaching skills to do this. It was this passion for driving change, which led him to launch The Christian Musicians Network; a mentoring and educational platform designed for a new breed of music creatives. It is a place to grow skill, character and spiritually and Goziam uses his modern vision and perspective to guide talent in a dynamic way.

What Can You Expect


Our community provides opportunities for musicians to develop themselves in character, skill, and spirituality. These work together to produce a new breed of musicians, well-grounded, and spiritually sound.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

You can trust that your growth is no longer in the hands of fate and chance, as you have someone else who’s intentional about ensuring that you grow and get to that height you hope to attain through weekly coaching sessions.

Belong to a Community

Belong to a community where you have a group of people who want you’re able to share your fears and hopes only, without any fear of being misunderstood or perhaps, judged. Be a part of the Christian Musicians Network.


Be empowered, and join a creative community of spiritually sound, emotionally intelligent, and dependable creatives.

The Question Is Are You Growing?

In our group coaching sessions, we challenge you to continuously grow in key areas to establish yourself musically. 











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